Oil Fired Boilers

OFTEC’s trade association membership

Regular maintenance & servicing is required to minimise the chance of breakdowns. Making sure the oil heating is functioning is a priority of our specialised heating technicians. Maintaining your existing central heating system is important because our professional engineers understand about the costs involved in bad servicing. Our qualified oil trained personal can fully inspect faults with your boilers burner. Glowing red buttons within the boilers door provide visual clues to what to do when these fault conditions arise. Well maintained boilers are less prone to breakdowns, we keep things working the best for you. Boiler energy efficiency will help keep you warm during those cold winter months. With many rural homes using kerosene to heat the home this also provides heating & hot water comfort. It’s easy to turn on the central heating programmer when you get home from work.

Energy efficient Oil fired Heating

By installing a new energy efficient condensing can help with saving money on fuel.